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Welcome to the 

Washington, D.C.

Ski, Snowboard and Social Club

 How to Join or Renew Your Membership

 To join the club or renew your membership. Click here to go to our Join us page.  The processing and approval of  membership  applications is pro forma once you submit your online application and payment.  You can sign up for  a trip and/or  event, as soon as you've  completed the membership process and joined.

Fagowee Memberships: Single-$30 Family $40

 Current Members

 Current members were sent an email with login credentials and a link to the Wild Apricot website.  We have  imported the data  elements from our legacy database into Wild Apricot, but you may need to make updates or  corrections.

 Renewing Your Membership 

 To renew your membership, when you are logged into the website, select your name in the upper right of the  screen to go to your  Profile Page.  Your current membership level is listed on this page, and there is an option to  "change" your membership if  needed.  Further down the page is a button to Renew Your Membership.  Select this  and you will renew your membership and  generate an invoice for the amount due.  You can pay this invoice by  check or credit card.  (Note: If you have multiple open  invoices and you want to only pay this one invoice, you can  find that invoice by selecting the Invoices and Payments link on your  Profile Page and then selecting the one  invoice that you want to pay.

 Profile Management

 Before signing up for a trip or event you should verify that your name (First, Middle and Last) are accurate and  match your official  government issued photoID.  You should also add your Emergency Contact Information and  frequent flier & known traveler  numbers (e.g.Global Entry/TSA pre-check). These data fields will be used  whenever you sign up for a trip. so you should confirm  that all your data is accurate. 

 ***It's best to update your profile before you initiate a trip registration/signup                                                                                                      ***If you make changes while filling out a trip registration/signup form, these changes will only go into that specific trip  signup.  The changes will not automatically convey back to your profile, and will not "be there" on any subsequent signups you submit.  However, that may be your intent.  For instance, you may  normally travel alone and list your stay at home spouse has    your emergency contact.  But if you both go on a  trip. you will need to update your emergency contact to someone not on the trip with you in the event of a mishap.

 Membership Coordinator

 Contact the membership coordinator for any help with any questions you may have or issues you may encounter:

 Sharon Blackwell, Fagowees Membership Chair                                                                                                                                            Email: blackwes50[at]                                                                                                                                                       Note that for e-mail addresses, we've replaced the normal @ symbol with " [at]" in     an attempt to reduce the amount of the spam we get. Be sure to replace the "[at]" with @ when sending               email  to us. 


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