Welcome to the 

Washington, D.C.

Ski, Snowboard and Social Club

The Washington, DC Fagowees are Dedicated to Having Fun! 

The Fagowees offer trips and events year around for skiers and non-skiers who want to make new friends and enjoy the advantages and championship of group travel. While our members enjoy skiing, we really enjoy traveling         with like minded folks who just want to have a good time while exploring     new places and adventures.

Why the Name Fagowees?

Dutch Mueller, our founder, started the ball rolling in 1966.  He was in the business of selling F-U-N at the Hecht Company Ski Shop. He had the opportunity to start his own ski club for "publicity" reasons and after several meetings in local pubs with like minded individuals a ski club was born.  In order to standout in the sea of 106 local ski clubs, an unique name had to be found.  Dutch had used the Fagowee name back in California for a defunct social club and some suggested the Fagowees return.  So Fun And Games OWeekends Especially Skiingwas born. 

Join Us!

The club is open to the general public.  Anyone 21 years of age and older can join the club.  

Monthly Meetings

The club holds monthly meetings, the first Tuesday of every month at Houlihan's located in the Springfield Hilton in Springfield, VA across from the Springfield Town Center.  You do not have to be a member to attend the meetings. Upcoming meetings are listed on the meetings page.

Membership Has Benefits

Club members also enjoy the benefits of membership in the Blue Ridge Ski Council and the National Ski Council Federation.  Our members can participate on ski and other trips "sanctioned" by other BRSC member clubs without having to join other clubs.  this gives our members access to a wide range of trips to choose from. 


 May 4, 2021-Virtual monthly Meeting/Election Night 

 May 22-Paradise Springs Winery-Clifton, VA

 June 5-Dinner Night-Burton's Grill-Alexandria, VA

 June 19 Kayaking at Penguin Point, Occoquan, VA

 Aug 21-Game Night-Bunco Under the Stars-Save the date!

 Sept 11-Picnic at Fort Hunt Park, Alexandria, VA-Save the date!

 Oct 2, 2021-Horsebacking riding-details coming soon

 Dec 11-Christmas Party-Save the Date!

For more details, click here



Fagowee(s) of the Year: Congratulations to John & Sandy McIntire:  From John "Sandy & I have humbly accepted the Fagowee of the Year award.  Thanks to the board for this recognition. I am very happy that Sandy is finally getting the recognition that she deserves for the independent work she does for the club as well as all she does to support me in my role as I muddle my way through various decisions & attempts at writing these missives."

Unsung Hero: Congratulations to Stacy Hickman who continues to work tirelessly for the Club behind the scenes.  This year, she has spent countless hours working on our new web hosting platform and completely revamping our Fagowee website.

Hopefully, we can toast these well deserved award winners in person soon! 


ATTENTION FAGOWEES: A Message from President John McIntire !

Elections: Ballots this year are being sent out via email and are to be returned electronically.  Simply follow the directions in the email you receive.  For the few that do not have email, you will receive and return your ballot via the US Mail.  Be sure to VOTE and think carefully about your choices.  The future of the club rests on your decisions. 

Current Activities:  Welcome to Spring!  Pollen is in the air and we are starting to return to in-person activities. We kicked off the Spring with the BOM at 2 Silos in April.  Coming up on May 22, we are returning to Paradise Winery in Clifton, VA.  We will be enjoying their wines and pic-nicking on the grounds.  Our first Then, June 5th-A dinner night at Burton's Bar & Grill in Alexandria. Then,  June 19th, we're Kayaking at Penguin Point.  Future events include BUNCO under the stars, a picnic at Fort Hunt Park, Horseback riding at Marriott Ranch and a Ghost Tour in October. Stay tuned for details on our return to Kennedy Center to see the award winning Hades Town.

COVID Safety: We are continuing to be cautious. Please do your part and use masks when indoors and where required, practice social distancing and if you are not 100% well,  STAY HOME.  

Meetings: The plan is to return to in-person monthly meetings starting with the June meeting.  We are still researching potential venues since the status of Houlihan's is still unknown, if it will re-open. As soon as we have a made a selection on a location for the June meeting, we will send out an announcement.  We will plan on keeping the Zoom connection as well to serve those who do not yet feel comfortable congregating and for those who are joining from remote locations.  

Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest Fagowee updates. Please continue to be safe and take care of yourself. See you virtually on May 4th! 



NEXT MONTHLY MEETING:                                                    MAY 4, 2021 will be virtual  

Social time: 7-7:30pm                                                   Meeting Time: 7:30pm

Details will be emailed to the membership and located under meetings tab. 

 Election Night Results        

Thank you to Mary Sloper our Election Chairperson for all her hard work coordinating the Election.  Thank you to everyone who voted in the election.  

 Congratulations to the Election Night Winners:

 President-John McIntire

 Vice President-Michael Stumpf

 Board members(2 year terms)-Mary Ellen  Feldcamp, Sandy McIntire and John Morrison.

 Board members (1 year term)-Lisa Keller

 Returning Board members for 2021-2022:  Sharon Blackwell, Chris Carlson and Bill  Steinhour

 All 5 Proposed Amendments to the Fagowee  Bylaws were approved with a clear majority of  the members voting "YES". 

2021 Washington Fagowees 

P.O. Box 22516
Alexandria, VA  22304

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