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Ski, Snowboard and Social Club

 The Washington, DC Fagowees are Dedicated to Having Fun! 

 The Fagowees offer trips and events year around for skiers and non-skiers   who want to make new friends and enjoy the advantages and   championship of group travel. While our members enjoy skiing, we really     enjoy traveling with like minded folks who just want to have a good time   while exploring new places and adventures.

 Why the Name Fagowees?

 Dutch Mueller, our founder, started the ball rolling in 1966.  He was in the   business of selling F-U-N at the Hecht Company Ski Shop. He had the   opportunity to start his own ski club for "publicity" reasons and after   several meetings in local pubs with like minded individuals a ski club   was born.  In order to standout in the sea of 106 local ski clubs, an unique   name had to be found.  Dutch had used the Fagowee name back in   California for a defunct social club and some suggested the Fagowees   return.  So Fun And Games OWeekends Especially Skiingwas born. 

 Join Us!

  The club is open to the general public.  Anyone 21 years of age and older    can join the club.  

  Monthly Meetings

  The club holds monthly meetings, the first Tuesday of every month at   local watering hole.  You do not have to be a member to attend the   meetings. Upcoming meetings are listed on the meetings page.

 Membership Has Benefits

 Club members also enjoy the benefits of membership in the Blue Ridge  Ski Council and the National Ski Council Federation.  Our members can   participate on ski and other trips "sanctioned" by other BRSC member   clubs without having to join other clubs.  this gives our members access    to a wide range of trips to choose from. 


 Jan 24-Golden Knights v. Capitals Hockey Game

 Jan 25-BOM-JV's Restaurant

 Feb 18-BOM-Bad Axe & Caboose Commons Pub

 Feb 27-Jesus Christ Superstar-Kennedy Center

 For more details, click here

 Ski Trips

 Feb 4-6, 2022-Canaan Valley Weekend 

 Feb 18-26, 2022-BRSC Mix Solden, Austria

 March 6-11, 2022-BRSC Jay Peak, VT trip.-CANCELLED

 For More details, click here



 Fagowee(s) of the Year: Congratulations to John Morrison.  John and his  wife, Marilyn, joined the tribe in 2015 after learning the Fagowees were  cruising the Mediterranean in 2016.  john jumped into the club  immediately and started running activities and offering a helping hand  wherever needed.  John became our Activities Coordinator and Bar of the  Month guru.  Congratulations on your well deserved award!   

 Unsung Hero: Congratulations to Chris Carlson.  This year's recipient is a  long term Fagowee who has contributed much to the club both in front  and behind the scenes.  most of you know Chris "Crash" Carlson as our  fearless leader of Canaan and other trips. But, this is for her contributions  has our long running newsletter editor.  What most don't see is the effort  to wrangle all of the pieces out of the rip leaders, club President and  others every month: and then to put it all together into a polished final  project, in a timely manner. A well deserved award! 

 Hopefully, we can toast these well deserved award winners in person  soon! 


 ATTENTION FAGOWEES: A Message from   President John McIntire!

 Well, the Big C-19 strikes again.  Our on again--   off again Fagowee Cruise to the Caribbean was   ultimately cancelled by NCL; BUT no before the   majority of us were already in Florida.  The   notice came the afternoon prior to our sail date   (Thanks Norwegian!).  As a result, our group   was left along with thousands of other cruisers   were left stranded and had to make alternative   arrangements.  Most of us ended up staying in   Miami for two nights and were able to enjoy       each others company while we contemplated   next moves.  Some of us then decided to turn   this into a Florida vacation while others   scrambled to find flights home.  

 Hope everyone is ready to descend on Canaan   Valley Resort to enjoy a long weekend of skiing,   tubing, sledding, skating, swimming, hiking and   partying.  It's been quite cold lately and, with   any luck, the conditions will be good this year.   It should be another fantastic Fagowee event.   The trip has closed and we are almost at our   max, if you procrastinated too long and need to   go, call Chris to see if there is a spot available.     

 On Feb 18th, you can channel all of your   aggression and frustration by throwing axes at    targets (not people, please).  We're joining John   Morrison at Bad Axe in Fairfax.  Then, also join   us after at the Bar of the Month at nearby   Caboose Brewing Co.

 Later on Feb 27th, Tim Gordon has scored us   some great tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar at   the Kennedy Center.  The 50th Anniversary of a   great musical. Don't miss it.

 Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy a relaxing   President's Day.   

 Membership Drive: It's time for our annual  recruitment drive.  if you have friends, fellow  skiers or co-workers who are not yet members,  encourage them to sign up now!  New  memberships will be good until May 2023,  giving you extra months of Fagowee fun for  your new member fee.  

 NOTE: Some events have limited availability, so   if you can't make it, please make sure you   cancel your registration, so another can take   your place.  RSVPing via Facebook does not  ensure, you a spot.  Click over to the events tab  to see the latest upcoming events.

 Meetings: The February 2022 meeting will be   at Glory Days Grill in Alexandria, VA.  

 Be sure to follow us on social media to get the   latest Fagowee updates and if you haven't paid   your dues, climb out from under that rock and   please do it! See you in person on February 1st.



 NEXT MONTHLY MEETING:                                                    February 1, 2022   

 Doors Open: 6:00pm                                               Social time: 6-7:30pm                                             Meeting Time: 7:30-8:30pm

 Location: Glory Days Grill, 3141 Duke St,  Alexandria, VA 22314. 

2021 Washington Fagowees 

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